Meet the Cast of PAW Patrol Live!

Learn more about the cast who brings the pups to life on stage!

  • Alexis Ijeoma Nwokoji

    Rocky, Mayor Goodway Understudy

  • Max Mattox

    Chase, Jake, Ryder Understudy

  • Matt Gurniak


  • Luke Collins


  • Michael Bartkiewicz

    Marshall, Cap'n Turbot

  • Quentin Carbajal

    Chorus, Male Understudy

  • Pen Chance

    Mayor Humdinger

  • Melissa Southmayd

    Skye, Chicken Cheerleader

  • Jacqueline Fisher

    Chorus, Female Understudy

  • Dianne Kaye

    Everest, Farmer Yumi

  • Brianna Hill

    Mayor Goodway

  • Lizzie Klemm


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